The coronavirus, and the global lockdown which has been the response to it, has taken its toll on many different types of organisations and ours is no exception.

A Bigger Conversation depends largely on face to face meetings where people can discuss key issues in depth and fin, if not find agreement, at least some understanding of the views of others.

As you will see from our Events pages all of our planned roundtables have been postponed for the foreseeable future.

We do want to keep the conversation going, however, and have begun a series of online activities which will build over the coming months.

We are beginning with polls and surveys to gauge understanding and interest in a variety of topics connected to genome editing in food and farming, sustainability and conservation. We are also continuing tease out issues around regulation.

Public polls are on our landing page and everyone is welcome to contribute. If you are on our growing mailing list you will get regular invitations to participate in both public and specially curated polls and surveys – and we encourage you to do so. If you have not signed up yet and want to be a part of the discussion, you can join our mailing list at the top of our landing page.

We will be making some changes to our website too, including adding a new subject area specifically for information on genome editing in conservation.

As our work evolves we will be publishing the results of polls and surveys in a special area on the site.

We will also be build on what we find in our surveys with one to one interviews with key people and eventually will be conducting small online meetings and webinars.

Watch this space for these changes and additions, and in the meantime until we can once again meet face to face, stay safe and stay well.