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Policy seminar

Genome Editing, Politics and Policy: Divergence, alignment
and the implications for agriculture and food

This recent online seminar was the culmination of two-week online policy dialogue hosted by the Genome Editing and Agricultural Policy, Practices and Public Perceptions (GEAP3) group, which focused on the governance of genome-edited organisms in the European Union, the United Kingdom, and beyond.

Part 1 looked at Genome editing and agriculture: Novel issues for policy and regulation? Speakers were Prof. Jonathan Jones, Sainsbury Laboratory, Norwich, UK; Pat Thomas, Director, A Bigger Conversation, UK; and Prof. Erik Millstone, SPRU–Science Policy Research Unit, University of Sussex, Brighton

Part 2 looked at The political economy and geopolitics of genome editing in agriculture: (How) have things changed, compared to the earlier generation of genetic engineering? Speakers were Ehsan Masood, Science writer and journalist, Nature and Nature News, UK; Prof. Glenn D. Stone, Washington University in St Louis (WUSTL), St Louis, Missouri, USA; and Dr. Ann Kingiri, African Centre for Technology Studies, Nairobi, Kenya.