Our Aims

It’s not just our food system that is broken. The conversation about how to fix it is broken too: especially so in the case of GMOs and the emerging new genetic engineering technologies, where the debate is  angry, polarised and unhelpful at a time when we need it to be more open, constructive and forward thinking.

This website is an extension of the A Bigger Conversation initiative,
organised by the UK NGO, Beyond GM.

A Bigger Conversation is an ongoing series of meetings, panel discussions, roundtables and world cafes which aim to raise the level of the debate. It’s a place to discuss the issues around genetic engineering in food and farming in broader terms than those of the usual campaigning arena. Here you will find news, views, opinions and analyses from forward thinkers – including scientists, academics, farmers, breeders and grassroots leaders – representing many sides of the issue and offering multiple perspectives.

It is our view that disagreements about how best to approach a sustainable food system in the future, are ultimately less rooted in science and technology than they are in values and worldviews. For this reason we focus on the evidence rather than just ‘the science’. We support those who aspire to have a more nuanced and deliberative discourse and therefore strive to include a wide variety of approaches to and ways of thinking about food system dilemmas.

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We welcome suggestions from our visitors for content that should be included in any of our theme areas or in news & views or resources. We also welcome suggestions from potential partners for themed discussions. Contact us at info[at]abiggerconversation.org.