Genetic Technologies in Food and Farming – A Manifesto

Published: 28-10-2023

Genetically engineered organisms in agriculture are, first and foremost, a food system and environmental issue. In recent years the UK government has sought to recontextualise them as a science and innovation issue divorced from their real world uses and consequences. Our 2024 manifesto calls for GMOs to be put back in their rightful context and for this to be the basis for rational policy and regulation of agricultural genetic technologies.

Agroecological Intelligence and Technology Choice – New Report

Published: 29-06-2023

Do agroecological farmers need to ‘tech up’ to be more sustainable? Our Agroecological Intelligence project, brings together UK farmers from across the agroecological spectrum – including as organic, biodynamic, permaculture, food sovereignty, nature friendly, pasture-fed and regenerative – with the aim of understanding what they want from technology and how they make choices around it. Read the interim report.

Survey: Genome editing technologies in conservation

Published: 18-09-2020

The lay public, those who are paying members or who donate regularly to conservation causes, would expect conservation organisations, both big and small, to be getting to grips with genome editing. Our survey suggests this is not the case.

Survey: Citizen’s attitudes to genome editing in food and farming

Published: 14-09-2020

Our Citizen’s Attitudes to Genome Editing in Food and Farming survey examined the attitudes on genome editing in food and farming – and in particular issues around regulation. Some of the answers were all too familiar, but some showed a greater understanding and willingness to consider nuance.

WEBINAR: Sense, Science and Sustainability

Published: 07-07-2020

Our upcoming webinar brings together specialists from farming, campaigning, science, business and media for an in-depth discussion about whether gene editing is not just desirable but necessary if farming is to reach its goals of higher sustainability and better welfare.