Genome editing is a profoundly transformative technology. It is being pushed by the research establishment, government, media and industry as the smart way to achieve sustainability. The agroecological/organic movement has been complacent and myopic in response to claims that genome editing is compatible with their principles. This technology will affect every aspect of production but farmers and growers are either unaware of it or ignoring it. This session will cover where we are with current opinions; potential health and environmental impacts; and how regulation – or lack of it – will impact.

Organised by Beyond GM this session will feature Dr Michael Antoniou of Kings College, University of London, Pat Thomas and Lawrence Woodward of Beyond GM and Claire Robinson of GM Watch.



We will also be conducting a break-out session on January 9th at 9 am in the Barristers Room

Avoiding oblivion: strategies for getting to grips with genome editing

The response of the agro-ecological, organic and environmental movement to the profoundly transformative technology of genome editing can most politely described as “mixed” but a more accurate description is inadequate. This session will report on technical, policy and values based exchanges between researchers, policy makers, producers and citizens.

Coordinated by Beyond GM and GM Watch it will encourage an exchange of views and ideas with the aim of building technical, policy, regulatory and political strategies for the organic and agro-ecological movements to protect themselves from any unwanted impacts of the push for genome editing revolution.