Co-hosted by A Bigger Conversation (an initiative of Beyond GM) and Compassion in World Farming EU, this roundtable will explore the regulatory, practical and ethical aspects of new genome edited animals.

Biotechnologists argue that gene editing can help improve animal welfare and even yields and may have a role to play in a sustainable and ‘climate friendly’ livestock sector. Animal welfare and a number of consumer groups are unconvinced by this argument.

In addition, the European Green Deal proposed by Commission President Ursula von der Leyen aims to create a prosperous and sustainable European Union fit for a world where resources are finite, populations are growing and climate change is a reality. It is, therefore, a good time to convene and discuss different approaches to rearing livestock, and where these sit in the vision for a greener Europe. The role of gene-edited livestock within the Commission President’s proposed 2030 EU vision for sustainable food systems – ‘from farm to fork’ should also be considered.

This roundtable follows on from our successful 2019 event in the UK and adds a uniquely European perspective to the discussion. Participation is by invitation only and participants will include stakeholders representing a broad spectrum of disciplines and points of view.